Cover Reveal: The Hunt

Violence is a disease that will deaden the mind till it hollows.

Tyyr, a member of Valsair’s secret enforcement, has gone into hiding. Her arm shattered and her consciousness damaged, she must stay out of sight until a storm of trouble passes. A danger is thriving in Valsair, and it’s leaving a trail of bodies in its wake. The found corpses of two missing girls and a knight set Warden Zaka and his guardsmen on a mission to find the killer responsible.

In his journey, the Warden is at odds with a town of hunters who watch over themselves, and take the law into their own hands. At the heart of the matter is Tyyr. Each murdered girl bears her resemblance, and the more Warden Zaka investigates into this killer, the closer he reaches to Tyyr’s secret, and her whereabouts.

Tyyr must do all she can to hold herself together and bury the crimes of her past, or else she’ll meet her end through her stalker or those who seek justice for the blood she’s spilled.

Releases in Spring 2015.