December 2019 Update

Book update for readers.

It’s been some time since my last release, which was the Wildstar: Forever Wanderers omnibus in December 2018. I still receive my royalties each month. Occasionally I’ll see the new reviews that come in. And every once in a while, some of you follow me on Twitter, Instagram, or the Facebook page I still keep up so I can run Facebook ads. You all are troopers.

The short on the books is simple. The Way of Wolves Book 3 (or 2, if I commit to considering Fragile Nights as the new book 1), is outlined and started. Wildstar Books 2 and 3 are outlined and started. By 2021, all three will be released. There’s probably 50,000 words or more written between the three of them.

These aren’t the only books I’m working on. They’re just the only public ones I can share.

Quick explanation for my absence. A few years ago in a deleted post, I mentioned a major opportunity that I attempted and missed. That opportunity returned at the beginning of the year. I chased it, bit down on it, and caught it. That process took nine months, and in some ways, still continues.

But now?

Books are back on the menu! A lot of them. Tyyr, Alana, and Karlyn are coming back, bigger and better than before. Brand new stories are forming.