Double Release and Holiday Deals!

Wildstar: Forever Wanderers Cover
Phantom Lights Cover

It’s a wonderful time of the year, and in celebration, I have released two books and running a sale on all my books. All of them.

Big hit, friend price.

Both Phantom Lights, the last Wildstar novella, and Wildstar: Forever Wanderers have released! We have the conclusion and the full release. It’s been a long road, but we finally reached it.

For this special launch, Wildstar: Forever Wanderers will be $2.99. If you buy all the Wildstar novellas separately, the total will be 11$. That is a savings of 73%! Collect the full Wildstar story during the special deal. The regular price will be $5.99.

Additionally, Fragile Nights will also be 50% off during this time, to $2.99. For $6, you can own all my books right then and there. Some websites will have the novellas at reduced prices, but due to how most retailers work, only the complete novels will have the discount applied universally.

Last note, Wildstar: Forever Wanderers is only available digitally for December. Since the holidays are ramping up, many of the printing services have deadlines, so the physical release will be in January.

Enjoy the description and pick up a copy:
Wildstar: Forever Wanderers
Alana and Karlyn Wildstar are sisters making their way back home, but home is long gone. They suffer from a curse that causes them to shift into new worlds. Each step they take is the hope that home is around the corner.

They find that every world needs work, so to pay for their travels, they accept work as bounty hunters. Whether it’s undead bears or rival hunters, the Wildstar sisters guarantee a job done in half the time as the competition.

The two of them aren’t used to familiar faces, and when patterns repeat in each new realm, the sisters know something is following them through their transitions.
[Collection of Led Astray, Knighthood, Dead Hunt, Rivalry, Frost, Phantom Lights]

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