Of Note (April 19th, 2014)

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Authors: Are Indie Book Reviews Doomed?

Reviews are the most difficult thing to gather as a new author. We can cry and beg for friends and family to leave a paragraph on Amazon, and they won’t, because reasons. Indie Book Reviewers have it tough as well, with self-publishing becoming more and more viable every day, they are swarmed with authors clamoring for a chance of a review. That’s also, if the book reviewers even accept self-published title. I personally sent out eight giveaway copies in hopes of some reviews, and never received one.

Is There A Place For The Slow Writer In The Digital Age?

The Stephen King method (popularized, not created by) of writing every day is tempting, but not every writer is cut out for that kind of regiment. I know most writers would love to put out 14,000 words a week; that’s a lot of words. What ends up happening is a disheartening effect on slow writers who can’t write 14,000+ words, and it diminishes their word count. It’s why the best course of action is to find the right schedule on the individual level. Do a crazy two week marathon to finish a book, or go slow and steady with 500 words a day. There’s a wide open field out there, explore it.

Raymond Chandler’s Ten Commandments for Writing a Detective Novel

These are tips for a detective novel, but I find them useful for any kind of suspense and general know-how in fiction.

 Are You A Story Crafter or a Storyteller?

The essentials to writing a good story, and how to finish a good story. Not everyone who starts a project will finish it, so make sure you have an excitement for the story and characters, and sooner or later, you’ll reach the end.

Self Publishing Tip #1 – Write The Book

Don’t think about which publishing route to go. Don’t think about various royalty rates. Don’t think of which cover artist is needed to sell a novel. Don’t think of the mountain of editing that awaits. Don’t think about your social media platform to market. Don’t think about the book signings. Write the book. Go on, what are you doing here?

Why Writers Should Have a Blog

A blog is important for a multitude of reasons. What an individual has to figure out are on which of those reasons best fit them? A standard blog doesn’t work for everyone, and there are many ways to experiment and offer new and exciting things to readers. I blog, but it’s to my schedule. These Of Note sections fulfilled a want from me to offer something I always wanted to find online, but never really could. And honestly, a blog is fantastic practice for writing. Use a blog for a warm up exercise before moving on to your novel in progress.

Who Do You Write For?

I write for myself. Not everyone does for that reason, some write to pay the bills, some write for a deadline, and those are fine too. I find writing to be a long and uneventful affair, so it’s best to know the why of why you write.

10 Sites Every Author Should Know About!

Now not all ten sites are worth knowing, for me personally, but they do require a knowing about them. Goodreads and Shelfari are important, because they have a direct impact on authors. Goodreads is an invaluable hub to meet readers and offer specific promotions. Shelfari actually displays its information on a book’s Amazon page, so an author should make use of it. The rest of the list is up to each viewers preference if they find any use of them.

How Often Should You Blog?

If you notice, the link will immediately drop you into the comments section rather than at the top of the article. This is from a member from Google Plus asking the a question, and the author of the article responding for fiction writers. Both the article and the response are well worth reading.

Crime Writing Tips from Leigh Russell

A very crime-themed Of Note. Number four is very important to remember for the rest of your writing career. Luck is the variable that affects each writer, negatively and positively. It’s why a common piece of advice to all writers and authors is, “Enjoy the craft.” as success is never guaranteed, no matter how hard one works. Put out four novels every year for ten years, the chances are no one will ever read them, or fame and fortune follows from such prolific practices.

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