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10 Great Quotations From Writers About Writing

This is the same idea as motivational posters, in fact, they are the precursor to motivational posters. They’re motivational words. You may not get a rising sun from some mountain to accompany the flowing inspiration and new found zeal, but it should be a big enough dose to get some action done.

Empower the Positive

I like to think of myself as a positive person. A few years ago, I would say more of the opposite. When I found writing, it altered my entire outlook, as well as rescued me from a toxic environment. Thankfully, the environment wasn’t life-threateningly awful, but a bad group of friends can be hell. It is also why I attend and host writing groups, to create a safe area for people to express themselves openly. The more positive we put in, the more reward that comes out of life.

Why You’re Not Finishing The Writing You Started

A guest post from The Procrastiwriter herself, Shanan Haislip. Another blogger who is almost (if not) in all of these Of Note series. She is an amazingly talented writer, and this article is no exception. Stop reading after this sentence, and read her article!

5 Things You Need On Your Author Site

I actually don’t have number 2 on the list, a Mailing List. Two months ago I tried to put one of, but the Achilles’s heel of WordPress, Javascript, stopped me. There is an option at the top of the page to have the blog automatically update you whenever I publish a new blog post. It’s something similar, but not quite a mailing list. It’ll have to do.

Twelve Quotes From Authors To Remember When Writing Your First Book

More inspiration in the way of words. Like the first link of this article, except tailored for the first-time writer and (soon-to-be) author.

Most American Adult Read A Print Book In The Past Year, Even As E-Reading Continues To Grow

I can say this is true, even from my own sales. About 60% of my book is read in print from CreateSpace. The sales from my eBook in January may have tipped the balance the other way, but in a somewhat standard experiment, print is not dead, but we’ve known this. Sure, there are the self-publishing giants who exclaim it every day, and the countless forum posts about how rapid eBooks are expanding, but at the day, Barnes&Nobles is doing well. Their Nook division is the only unprofitable part of the company. Print is still around, the only difference is, reading is going up.

11 Great Ways You Can Get Through Writer’s Block

My belief is defeating writer’s block is to try everything. Yes, everything. Nothing is so insignificant or unworthwhile as to not try it. That is the very same attitude that creates writer’s block in the first place, so I include, as often as I can, a way to defeat writer’s block in each Of Note. Why? Because we have work to do! A pesky little thing cannot be the reason we don’t create worlds, and lives, and disasters, and miracles. Let’s do this!

Our Exclusionary Attitudes Towards Self-Publishing Must Change

I ran into this one several times in the past month. As many strides as the Self-Publishing community has taken in recent years, the amount of success will not budge many opinions on the matter, self-published books are not real, lesser than real, pointless. Thankfully, that’s not reality, so wipe that sweat off your brow, you hardworking indie author. You can be included in this too, the hobbyist author, because you’re still an author, and accomplishing what only one percent of the population will succeed in doing, which is writing a book. Start to finish, front to back, from “Once upon a time. . .” to “The End” and through all the necessary revisions of each. We know who we are, so take pride in that, and don’t let anyone steal it away from you.

Ebook Buyers Are Loyal to Specific Retailers, especially Kindle, iBooks, and Nook.

One has to imagine the “loyalty” of these readers is not somehow linked to the DRM each e-Reader imposes and has imposed on its consumers. Nook, was one of the worst offenders, but we moved past it. Amazon has figured out the best way to keep people on Kindle is to have works be exclusive on it. What else explains the reasoning of Kindle Direct Select? A platform that gives authors more benefits, at the cost of a three month exclusive contract. Of course, I don’t mind KDP Select. It truly is all it’s been cracked up to be, and then again, Amazon is on it’s best behavior around authors.

Relax, Being An Author Is A Process

“It’s not a race, it’s a marathon.” is an awful thing to say to a writer. It doesn’t make any sense. Who am I racing? For what? How many miles? I’ve heard how this ended with Pheidippides, am I going to die? No writer is in a race with another, so the competitive aspect is thrown out the window.

10 Things You Can Do To Help Support Indie Authors

I’ll let you know, number 6 is an incredibly important number. My novel is highly viewed, with the cover and synopsis bringing in a ton of traffic, yet consumers are hesitant to click and purchase. The reason is entirely reviews, and I can’t blame them, I wouldn’t either. I like to see a wide variety of opinions on a subject, which means the people who dislike it (for whatever reason) and the people who loved it. That way, I can take a little bit of column A and a little bit from column B to make my decision. I did try to remedy this before it became a problem by handing out eight giveaway copies on Goodreads. There is supposedly a 60% review rate of giveaway copies, but so far, I’ve received zero. Now I have to buy more books, and send them to multiple reviewers, with the same likely chance of them reading it.

For all you new writers out there, make sure to think the review part carefully. It can make or break the viability of you novel. For everyone else, it’s never too late. We just have to do the extra legwork in marketing. We have to work, so let’s sigh together, and get back to it.

On Persistence, And The Long Con Of Being A Successful Writer

An incredibly read, and a glimpse on what persistence means as a lifestyle. I’m not going to add anything, please read it.

Author Use of Social Media Survey Results

I participated in this survey, so you can say I’m biased (Hah!). Social media is what we have to look out for as authors in the 21st century. In the early 2000’s, maybe you could have gotten away from Twitter and blogs, but not now. Readers have expectations now, so think thoroughly on how it best fits you to use social media. I’ve said it before, but I use what works in my lifestyle, which is my blog, Google Plus, and Twitter. Facebook doesn’t enter the equation at the moment.

Adventures in Self-Publishing Part 2: The Fellowship of Self-Publishing

The many hands of creating and refining a book, all done through the characters of Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. It is both sweet and too on the nose for its own good.

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