Of Note (Mar 4th, 2014)

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Interesting Publishing Predictions in 2014

J.A. Konrath is one of the interesting figures in the self-publishing scene. A traditionally published author turned indie, with great success. He may be above and distant to what authors are struggling with today, but he always does his best to keep current with news and trends affecting the book industry. That being said, he’s more right than wrong with his predictions. Bookstores such as Barnes&Noble are not going anywhere. Despite talk that they are losing money, the only division in the negative is the Nook; their bookstores are alive and well.

The industry is moving to catering to self-published titles, so I do believe indie bookstores and libraries will have to appeal to the change. New authors will find it difficult to be noticed on places like Kindle even with the features offered by Select. The industry is starting to enter a state of normalizing from the influx of Ebooks and the new-found agency of self-published authors. It’s no longer the wild wild west, the land is becoming domesticated.

10 Signs You Are Meant To Be A Writer

I’m personally a journal type of person. My first drafts tend to be abstract, with dialogue and plot points scattered all over the place. I’m never number nine, what an insufferable human being.

Writer/Author Resources by Jennifer Howd

A fantastic collection of resources by author Jennifer Howd. Make sure to place a bookmark here for future use!

The Biggest Lie Aspiring Writers Believe

What’s this, another fantastic post from The Procrastiwriter? Yes. The only way a book is finished is by writing it. It’s not as hard as we make it out to be, we simply push it off, and off, and off, until such a large amount of time has passed we become discouraged. No more of that! Let’s get writing. How about spending 90 minutes to write with me? Shameless plug? Absolutely.

Hugh Howey and the Indie Author Revolt

Here are the important excerpts from Mark Croker about this particular article written for Publishers Weekly. The whole article is available to read if you are a subscribed member to PW. For the rest of us plebs, we must manage. Hugh Howey and his authorearnings.com are a fantastic pool for information regarding this new section of the industry.

Problems That Every Writer Will Have Come Across

Yep, that’s about right.

Agents and wasting your time

The traditional path of publishing is showing itself as an archaic beast, much to their disadvantage. With the ease of self-publishing, as well as the current crop of contracts for new authors, they are not doing themselves any favors. It doesn’t have to be this way, and I believe in the next few years we will see a shift in a direction that is beneficial to both authors and publishing houses. Obviously, the Big 5 are gargantuan beasts, so it will take years for them to scratch their nose, so patience will be required.

Stores Are the Creatures That Forage in the Wilderness of Our Minds

This is a fun little way to approach the creation of a story. Do remember that your opening and ending are the two biggest places where readers expect the best qualities to shine through. This will also help you with agents, editors, and competitions, who ask for your first 20 to 30 pages, before requesting a full manuscript. I wouldn’t worry about alienating your audience; just continue with what you want to do. In today’s world, discussing the type of food you enjoy eating is grounds for alienation, so don’t worry about it.

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